The one who I wouldn't want to live without and deserves a comfortable corner on my blog prepared just for him.  :-)  My aim is to brag on my sweet breadwinner, but more importantly, be accountable to my part...his helpmate.  I wouldn't want it any other way.
We've owned a lawn care business for several years now and I am responsible for paperwork, payroll, insurance, bills and the dreaded Taxes.   Mr. Dandelion Gatherer (DG)  also has a full-time gig and is currently in Nursing clinicals.  We definitely have a hectic schedule, but fully rely on God to keep the schedule flowing, Mr. DG healthy, and the bambino's growing.   We definitely take advantage of the time we have with Mr. DG.  And I have to keep my attitude and spirit of gratefulness in check at times when Satan wears me down.  Thank goodness the Holy Spirit softens my heart and helps me to remember what I GET to do in this life God has given me.  It truly is a privilege.

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