Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why dandelions?

So we have 3 bunnies now. Had them for several months. About a month ago I found out that dandelions are actually a great, nutritious treat for them (after one started eating them in the yard and I looked it up online). What fun! FREE treats. But it NEVER occurred to me they would NOT be in the yard all summer....that they actually have a season!

This last week I realized we had no more. I started looking in the store for dried ones, but you could only get them in an expensive bag with all kinds of other hay that we didn't need. It was actually this last Wednesday that I realized they didn't exist in the yards as I passed one by one....all void of the yellow nusciance. I said to myself, "Well, next Spring we'll have to be on the ball and pick as many as we can and dry them our selves. Lord, I hope you help me remember." End of conversation.

The next morning I embarked on a mile walk to a large open field/park with 6 kids to run around and kick the soccer ball around. I had not been to that field for a year and it was my daughter's suggestion (which she was happy to remind me later) :-) .

We had been there about 10 minutes when out of no-where I noticed a single, fluffy, yellow dandelion!! Then another....then another! I got the kids all searching and picking. And yes, we WERE searching. You didn't look across the field and see yellow. You had to walk around, looking closely. We saw more walking home BECAUSE we were looking...

They had a ball and we learned a lesson. To see God answer that desire I had in such a simple way. To realize that He IS ALWAYS faithful and ALWAYS listening. To see when our eyes are opened and purposeful, we are blessed beyond our expectations. May you remember to rely on God's provision the next time you see a dandelion.


you used to be an eyesore...
a troubling kind...
an inconvenient nuisance...
we'd loose our minds.

your yellow amidst green
would make us sigh,
get out the sprays
and hopefully say goodbye.

but hello again sunshine, 
you're not a waste!
you're a bunny's delight...
rich nutrition encased!

God uses the unwanted...
sees their potential.
He knows that life
is not circumstantial.

He purposed the defeated...
planned & provided.
open your eyes and heart
to how He is guiding?

trust His provision.
it's always on time.
dandelions will pop up...
His way is sublime.

gather your blessing,
but don't hold it tight.

allow it to seed...
spread His pure light.

by Stacey Wallace

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