Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I blog

A sweet, wise, young friend of mine told me very recently, "You should write more."  My first reaction was an in-the-brain-funny-face, "Really?  Why?" as I sat at my computer.  "Hmmm".....she got my gears going.

 I've always had a gift for gab (if you haven't noticed by now) and even got in trouble in the 4th grade by my dear teacher, which sent notes home about my abilities.  My sister remarked last year that my FB status' were always long.  I try to make them short, but it always seems like something is left out.

Did my friend mean I should "blog"....maybe not.....she probably just meant I should write more....for myself? for my bambinos?.  But blogging had already been on my heart.  I read blogs and I'm always amazed at how candid these bloggers are and how much I learn.  Can I be that honest with my readers? with myself?  What do I have to say that's worthwhile...worth my time and my followers?  What exactly am I willing to share online that will last forever and ever?  The only thing worth lasting that long is something for Jesus Christ so onward I pray and write.

Like a lot people, I like to be heard, dispense my advice about how I know everything on everything ;-), yet I am the first to say that I like to be taught.  I like to grow.

I want to be EVERYthing that God wants me to be.
I want the potential my heavenly Father put in me to find it's way into practice.
I want to be a steward of my body, our budget, and all the heapings of blessings He chooses to bestow on me.
I want to be the proper wife to my awesome, steadfast husband.
I want to be the right example for my daughter that she may grow up following God foremost.
I want my boys to be godly Men that man can follow and God can trust.
I want them to be faithful, more so than I.
I want them to be better and strive to be more steadfast than I.
I want be a steward of His bounty of favor laid on me.
I want to teach others what God has taught me.
I want to make a difference for Him.
I want to be a safe harbor of His unending testimony.

As you see I yearn for what's right and what's true.  And I yearn for others to want that also.

As I embark on this new part of my life,
please do not expect perfection as I am a mortal with much sin to conquer....
do not expect a daily posting, as I do have an extremely busy life that I haven't quite touched on and I do attempt to keep priorities outside of computerland....
do not expect perfect English because even though I have to learn it all over through home educating my bambino's (and I did well in school), I may just not be that tedious....I'm just not promising. :-)

BUT you may expect me...
to be real
to be non-judging
to learn from you
to share with you
to anticipate your comments
to teach you
to use emoticons more than you'd like ;-)
to cry with you
to laugh with you
to proclaim God's sovereignty
to use ellipsis too much and.....
to do my best in fulfilling God's will for my life

So my prayer is that you'll...
visit me from time to time
remember I'm human and err
share with me
learn from me
grow in God's grace
know you have a place in heaven
agree to disagree at times
forgive my faults
feel at home in my honesty
trust God for every dandelion that you need
                       and when you gather your dandelions,
                        don't forget to spread the seeds so others may rejoice also.

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  1. Hey, how are you guys doing? Your mom told me that you had this blog so I had to check it out!! I just started blogging myself this year and importing it to my FB page...when I read this and your reasons behind blogging, I was thinking, "man stacey, those are my answers" never thought about blogging until I'm knocking on 30....weird....take care!!