Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scentsy Online Party

I'm looking to help a friend start her Scentsy business. I have used the product for about 2 yrs now and am thrilled that someone I know in my area is finally selling! 

Please check out her online catalog and email me with any questions or orders and we'll figure out the ordering details. Online means ANYONE, ANYWHERE can help me, help a friend! :D


For those out-of-towners, when you go, you'll find a link for my party 
"Staceys Online Party" where you can order directly. 
If you're local, call me with your order and get FREE shipping with the party.

This months specials: 10% off...EXCEPT for the Breast Cancer Warmers and any packages OVER $40...ALSO the plug-ins are going up March 1st from $15 to $20 SO STOCK UP NOW!!!

They sell gift certs too! How perfect for Mother's day around the corner!

Our favorite is the Vanilla Suede scent. :) And the warmers are so safe!

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