Friday, February 18, 2011

What I’ve Learned and Final Freebie Friday

What I’ve Learned and Final Freebie Friday Win a free gift card to Chipotle on the Vegan Experiment Blog!

I have followed my friend on her 50 day experiment as a vegan that ends this Sunday! She has encouraged me to go outside the box and realize that we do NOT have to eat meat as much as we do. I actually didn’t cringe but smiled yesterday when I made taco soup without the taco meat. Mainly because I realized i had no hamburger in the house but normally I wouldn’t make it then. I decided to make it w/o it though and the family never knew!! It was vegan until I mixed mine with noodles.
;)We’ve been drinking fruit smoothies lately AND I invested in a juicer for our V-tines day present. I LOVE it. and the consistancy of having fresh smoothies in the afternoon when my hubby gets home, instead of coffee, has been wonderful for our energy. I am so thankful for her dedication to the integrity of this experiment.

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