Thursday, February 10, 2011

True Friends

What kind of friends do you have?  What kind of friend are you?   Are you surrounded by fair-weather friends or do you have ones that have stuck through thick and thin?  These are questions that I think we need to ask ourselves regularly.

 We have friendships on all sorts of levels, but you do need that one or few that can kick you in the butt when you need it, hug you when you're low, take care of your kids when your desperate for time away, honestly praise you in your efforts and encourage you....and can see your house when it's the worst disarray!   (Yeah, most us have "lived" in homes but hide it from most outsiders.)

Today I was reminded at just how blessed I am.   I have so many projects on the "have-to" list that my "should-do/ want-to-do" list doesn't get touched...usually anything revolving house projects....the painting and decorating aspect of keeping a home.  I used to love to do that and swap out seasonal decorations, but after my fourth child a lot in our life changed.  And I just have tried to keep things as simple as possible and have kept my creative juices at bay except for special activities.

My youngest decided to take RED sharpie to his bedroom walls a couple years ago.  His goal was to draw Daddy and a snake.  This was his snake.

No matter we used it would NOT come off.  So I decided that when he was out of the drawing on the wall stage and when his brother and he kept his room clean for an extended period of time, then I would finally paint their room.  Well, that time finally came.  I volunteered a great friend to come help me and she came......but neither of us were in the mood!!

And that's where my blessing came in....she made us paint anyway!!  That's a great friend!!  She knew how important it was for me to get this job done and keep my promise to my boys.  So we painted. And I'm so glad we did.  She gave me the kick in the rear to just do it!  Thank you Deanna!!

Now I challenge you to go be a great friend to someone in whatever way they need! You'll be as bless as them. I guarantee it!

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